XxxTreme Lightning Roulette By Evolution Gaming
XxxTreme Lightning Roulette is a newer version of the famous Lightning Roulette game, featuring unique features like Chain Lightning & Double Strikes, allowing players to win up to 2000x their bet.Developed by Evolution Gaming, this live roulette game shares the same concept as Lightning Roulette but introduces exciting variations.


Game Details:

•Game Name: XxxTreme Lightning Roulette
•Software Provider: Evolution Gaming
•Game Type: Live Roulette
•Streaming Location: Latvia
•RTP (Return To Player): 97.30%
•Minimum Bet: $0.20
•Maximum Bet: $5,000
•Maximum Winnings: 2,000x your bet
•Side Bets: Not Available
•Platforms Supported:
Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Laptops
•Operating Systems Supported:
iOS, Android, Windows
Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English


Look & Feel of Lightning
Roulette XxxTreme
XxxTreme Lightning Roulette is broadcast live from the Evolution Game studios, featuring a black and red color scheme with numerous lightning flashes, creating an electrifying atmosphere.  The podium holding the wheel is covered in Xs, emphasizing the extreme nature of this version.


How To Play XxxTreme 
Lightning Roulette

The goal is to place straight-up bets to win, with multiple betting options available. The game follows the same wheel structure as European Roulette, featuring 36 pockets from 1 to 36 and one single zero pocket.
Lightning Rounds and additional features like Chain Lightning and Double Strikes add excitement to the gameplay.

•Lightning Round 
After the betting time expires, the ball spins, and the croupier generates Lightning Numbers with random multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. Chain Lightning can strike in every round, adding up to nine additional lightning numbers

•Double Strikes 
A second round of lightning, known as Double Strikes, can occur, increasing multipliers up to 600x – 2,000x.




Lightning Roulette Extreme 
Inside Bets
•Straight Up: 1 number – 19:1 up to 1999:1
•Split: 2 numbers – 17:1
•Street: 3 numbers – 11:1
•Corner: 4 numbers – 8:1
•Line: 6 numbers – 5:1

Outside Bets
•Dozen: 12 numbers – 2:1
•Column: 12 numbers – 2:1
•Red/Black: 18 numbers – 1:1
•High/Low: 18 numbers – 1:1
•Even/Odd: 18 numbers – 1:1
Extreme Lightning Roulette
Special Features

         •Extra Lightning:
Chain lightning and multiple strikes can increase lucky numbers up to 10 and multipliers up to 2,000x.
Set the game to play automatic bets for you, choosing the bet types you prefer.
Choose bets and stake amount, and the game can automatically spin for up to 100 rounds.

Lightning Roulette Strategy
The strategy is to place straight-up bets on all 36 numbers to guarantee a multiplier. This is a high-risk and high-cost strategy, so ensure affordability.


XxxTreme VS Lightning Roulette
•Both games share the concept of lightning striking lucky numbers with multipliers.
•Both have an RTP of 97.30%.
•Both follow the European Roulette concept with 37 numbers, including one zero pocket.
•Detailed statistics pages are available in both games.
•Similar inside and outside bets apply in both games.

•XxxTreme introduces additional features like Chain Lightning and Double Strikes.
•XxxTreme can have up to 10 lucky numbers and multipliers up to 2000x.
•Lightning Roulette has a maximum of 5 lucky numbers and multipliers up to 500x.
•Straight-up bet payouts in XxxTreme are 19:1, while in Lightning Roulette, it’s 29:1.

Which Game is Better?
Both games are played almost exactly the same way, with XxxTreme offering additional features for a more adventurous experience.
The choice between them depends on personal preferences, with both providing unique thrills.

What is XxxTreme Lightning Roulette RTP?
•XxxTreme Lightning Roulette RTP is 97.30%, similar to Lightning Roulette.

What is XxxTreme Lightning Roulette?
•XxxTreme Lightning Roulette is the latest version of Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming, featuring additional lightning rounds and multipliers, offering an electrifying experience.

What is the best XxxTreme Lightning Roulette strategy?
•The strategy depends on luck, but some players opt to place straight-up bets on all 36 numbers to guarantee a multiplier.

Where can I play Extreme Lightning Roulette?
•You can play XxxTreme Lightning Roulette at Betfinal and many other reputable online casinos.

Which is better XxxTreme Lightning Roulette or Lightning Roulette?
•Both games have their merits, with XxxTreme offering additional features. The choice depends on individual preferences.

What is the maximum multiplier on Extreme Lightning Roulette?
•The maximum multiplier on XxxTreme Lightning Roulette is 2000x.